The relationship between the land and water has never been more important. To protect our environment and our future, it is important to reduce the nitrogen-load on our land and reduce our water use. Agriculture is one of many segments with solutions to do just that. By farmers and homeowners implementing Best Management Practices (BMPs), we will be able to reach the goals laid out by the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP), together.

How We Help Our Partners

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BMP Implementation
The goal of implementing Best Management Practices is to conserve and protect our water while also being economically feasible. With help from our researchers at UF/IFAS, the partnership has worked with farmers to advance those BMPs.
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On-farm Technical Assistance
Working directly with farmers on their farm, we help identify Best Management Practice opportunities and offer technical assistance to implement them directly on site. This ranges from Soil Moisture Sensors to Precision Nutrient Application tools.
Assistance Opportunities
Agriculture equipment
Several partners in the Suwannee River Partnership offer cost-share programs to farmers implementing Best Management Practices.
Share Program
Share Program


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The Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP)

The BMAP is the framework for water quality restoration in the state of Florida. It includes solutions, like BMPs, to reduce nitrogen in the Suwannee River Basin within the next 20 years.

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